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J-1/J-2 Travel Signature

An Exchange Visitor's DS-2019 form must be signed for travel validation by a Responsible/Alternate Responsible Officer (RO/ARO) of the Exchange Visitor's program within the last year for purposes of reentry to the U.S. in valid J status; the signature is located in the lower right hand box of your Form DS-2019. Only ROs/AROs of the program that issued the Form DS-2019 may sign for travel validation; all UCSD ROs/AROs work in ISEO.

iServices Processing

Log in to iServices

Updated 3/19/2024: ISEO has sent out an email communication to ALL current scholars detailing the necessary instructions and auto-generated credentials to log in to the Scholar iServices portal. Please contact ISEO if you believe you have not received this email. 
  • Logging in to the Scholar iServices portal will always require the following information:
    • Date of Birth
    • iServices ID numbe (find in email from ISEO)
    • Limited Access Pin number (find in email from ISEO)
Trouble Shooting: Please be sure to save the log in credentials provided to you, but if you encounter difficulty accessing iServices, please email

Travel Signature Request

Locate the J-1 Travel Signature Request eform under the Scholar Services page.

  • Indicate who will require a travel signature (J-1 principal, J-2 dependents, or all)
  • Include estimated travel dates so we are aware if there is an urgent need for issuance
  • If you plan to be outside of the U.S. for more than 30 days for business purposes, please also submit a J-1 Scholar Leave of Absence Request e-form
  • If you have received a U.S. Department of State waiver of 212(e) we will not be able to provide a travel signature and travel and reentry to the U.S. in J status may not be allowed
  • Verify that you and all J-2 dependents, if any, are currently covered under appropriate levels of health insurance
Standard Processing: Allow 5 days for ISEO processing after submission.