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Visa Services Online Payment Instructions

The International Faculty & Scholars Office at UC San Diego is entirely self-funded and must rely on fees charged to departments for its services in issuing documentation for international scholars to pursue exchange program activities or employment at UC San Diego.

The recharge fee can now be paid online by completing the Visa Services Online Recharge Form; simply log-in under "Business Systems" with your Single-Sign-On user name and password and complete the questions. An email with transaction contents will be sent to the departmental administrator making the transaction, the budget person indicated in the transaction by the departmental administrator, and to IFSO.

Online Recharge Form

Fee Breakdown


J-1 Scholar Initial Application Fee ($525)
J-1 Scholar Initial Application AND RUSH Fee ($825)
J-1 Scholar Extension Application Fee ($350)
J-1 Scholar Extension Application AND RUSH Fee ($650)
J-1 Rush Fee- this fee is in ADDITION to other applicable J-1 Fees ($300)
H-1B Specialty Occupation Worker ($2500)
H-1B Specialty Occupation Worker AND RUSH Fee ($3200)
Employment-Based RUSH Fee--this is in ADDITION to other applicable fees ($700)
Permanent Residence: Labor Certification ($2400)
Permanent Residence: I-140 Faculty via Labor Certification ($2400)
Permanent Residence I-485 J Supplement ($350)
E-3 Australian Specialty Occupation Worker ($2500)
TN – Trade NAFTA ($900)

J-1 Recharge Payment

The online payment process allows departments to make payments by index numbers or J-1 Exchange Visitors to pay the J-1 service fee and/or RUSH fee directly using their credit card; the process must be initiated by the sponsoring department completing the Visa Services Online Recharge Form.

If the department checks the "credit card" payment option, an email alerting the prospective J-1 scholar will be sent to them, with details on how to pay the fee using their credit card.  IFSO will verify that payment is made prior to issuing the requested DS-2019.

Regular processing time for J-1 scholar applications by the International Faculty & Scholar Office is ten business days, provided all required information/documentation has been submitted by the sponsoring department; "RUSH" fee service reduces processing time to five business days (often fewer).

H-1B Recharge Payment

Fee payments for H-1B must be paid by the sponsoring department via index number. They cannot be passed onto the UC San Diego international employee; nor can the employee pay any of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services filing fee costs. Each USCIS fee must be issued on a separate check.

Any complete H-1B packet requesting a start date in less than three-month’s time from submission to IFSO will be charged the IFSO Employment-Based RUSH fee of $700. Our standard processing time remains two months, but mailing and USCIS processing times also must be calculated when planning for an H-1B start date.  

Visit for general information and processing times. 

Permanent Residency Recharge Payment

Fee payment for Labor Certification (LC) must be paid by the sponsoring department via index number. The fee cannot be passed onto the UC San Diego international employee.

All USCIS checks must be made payable to "U.S. Department of Homeland Security" (not "USDHS" or "DHS"). Each USCIS fee must be issued on a separate check


For questions, concerns or to make a correction please contact our office at

Please note: We cannot begin processing any requests, regardless of payment date or application submission, until we have the completed request package and payment.