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Request for J-2 DS-2019

Typically, J-2 DS-2019’s are requested with the Initial and Extension Application for the primary scholar in iServices.  However, there are instances where a J-2 DS-2019 may need to be requested after the J-1 DS-2019 issuance.

Please log into your iServices profile and click "J-1 Services," on the left hand menu. From the J-1 Scholar Services screen, click on the "J-1 Scholar Add a Dependent" task.  

Prepare Supporting Documents

The "Add a Dependent" form will ask you to upload the following documents for your dependent(s).


Passport Biographical page(s) of dependent(s)

Upload Passport Biographical page(s) for any spouse and/or children.

Funding Documentation

If your previously submitted financial documentation will not cover the addition of a dependent, you will need to upload additional documentation to meet the minimum monthly support needed per dependent outlined above.

You must demonstrate minimum monthly funding as follows:

  • Scholar only: $2400/month
  • Accompanying J-2 spouse: $800/month
  • Accompanying J-2 children: $400/month per child

Example: A scholar is coming to UC San Diego for a two-year program with their spouse. The minimum amount they need is:

$2,400 for Scholar x 24 months= $57,600
$800 for Spouse x 24 months= $19,200    
Total= $76,800 total minimum proof of funding required for two years with a Spouse 

Note: Proof/documentation cannot be more than 6 months old. If funds are listed in foreign currency include a currency converter.

If UC San Diego is not providing you with funding that meets these amounts, you must upload documentation proving you have financial support for the minimum amounts mentioned above for the entire during of your J-1 program.

Funding documentation may include: 
  • Funding organization letter indicating amount of funds and disbursement period
  • Employer letter stating your salary and that you will continue to be paid for the date range of your program at UC San Diego
  • Bank statement showing personal funds of scholar or sponsor (if sponsor, include affidavit of support for scholar from sponsor that indicates amount of funding provided for the date range of your program).
  • Evidence must show currently existing liquid funds
    • Not acceptable: stocks, bonds, mutual funds