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Daycare, Schools, and Babysitting

Women's Center Resources

The UC San Diego Women's Center has an extensive list of community, UC San Diego, and other resources available!

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Babysitting Resource

The Child Care Oversight Committee in conjunction with Human Resources Work Life Staff and The Women’s Center offer a babysitting resource network for UC San Diego families. This resource allows students, staff, faculty, and parents to connect with students who are interested in providing a babysitting service.

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Daycare Options

Early Childhood Education Center

The UC San Diego Early Childhood Education Center accepts children from ages 3 months to 6 1/2 years old. Whole-day care is provided and the cost for care is based on the child’s age.

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Imagine Kids Planet

Imagine Kids Planet, located near UC San Diego, is a private school offering morning, afternoon, or full day programs. They accept children 18 months to 12 years old.

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Internationals at UC San Diego may enroll their children in public school in San Diego County if they are between 5 and 18 years of age. Where a family lives determines which elementary or high school the child may attend.

Finding a School

For the city of San Diego, visit the School Finder website to locate schools in your area:

For any of the outlying smaller cities, the number of the school district office can be found in the phone book or contact: San Diego County Office of Education

Finding a Daycare

There are typically two types of daycares, in-home and centers. 

Finding a Babysitter

Physical Examinations for school

Children enrolled in first grade will need to have a physical examination, including TB test, as part of the Child Health and Disability Program. See the school nurses at each school site for forms. The exam may be obtained from the child’s private physician or arrangements can be made with the school nurse. The physical examination may be done up to 18 months before to 90 days after entry into first grade.

Enrollment and Immunizations for School

For school registration, go to the front office of the elementary or secondary school serving the area of San Diego in which the family lives. Bring to the office the student’s birth certificate and documented proof of immunizations from a physician that shows day, month, and year of each immunization. A student must have received at least one of each type of required immunization before enrolling in the school. If the parent has no record showing the child has been immunized, the child must begin a new series of immunizations before he or she can attend school.

Immunizations may be obtained from a private physician or by contacting San Diego Immunization Branch

Community Resources