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Extending or Amending Your Status


How to Extend Your Program

  • Your DS-2019 must be extended before your current DS-2019 expires.
  • Please allow considerable time to gather the appropriate forms and documents process.
  • If you have filed an I-485 Adjustment of Status (green card) petition with USCIS, ISEO will NOT be able to extend your nonimmigrant intent J-1 program.
Extension of stay for your J status must be coordinated with your sponsoring UC San Diego department and submitted via iServices.

How to Amend Your Program

You need to submit an Amendment Application if the following components of the scholar's program are changing:
  • Funding
  • Title
Amendments for your J status must be coordinated with your employing UC San Diego department as the request will need to be submitted via iServices. If you are amending other employment terms: