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For Prospective International Scholars


Prospective Scholar

"As one of San Diego's largest employers, UC San Diego seeks exceptional people in search of rewarding, meaningful careers. Positions include administrative, clerical, technical, support, management, and more. Our employees enjoy competitive compensation packages and educational opportunities in a diverse, stimulating workplace."

Step 1: Find a sponsoring mentor/department at UC San Diego.

Contact potential mentors, departments, or research units to sponsor your visit to UC San Diego.

  1. Academic Departments and Programs
  2. Postdoctoral Opportunities
  3. Research Affairs
  4. UCSD Employment
  5. Global Leadership Institute (GLI)
Please note that we are unable to assist you with this step of the process.

Step 2: Be offered an appointment that qualifies for sponsorship per institutional policy.

Please see the tables in Policy & Procedure Manual Section: 200-16 Supplement I for further guidance on which titles qualify for sponsorship at UC San Diego:

Please see the tables in Policy & Procedure Manual Section: 200-16 Supplement II for further guidance on visa options for temporary and permanent academic teaching and research appointments at UC San Diego:

Step 3: Complete paperwork with your department/HR (Human Resources).

The department will work closely with you to coordinate submission of the necessary paperwork to the International Services and Engagement Office at UC San Diego. Please note that the department must initiate the process with our office.

Once the documents arrive, our Scholar Services Team will process the appropriate paperwork that will enable you to apply for a visa stamp and enter the U.S. in the appropriate non-immigrant/immigrant status.