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J-2 Dependent

J-2 status is derivative from the principal J-1 status holder.  J-2 spouses and other dependent family members are allowed to apply for work authorization with J-2 status and, once approved, have no limitations on their employment.  Should the principal's J-1 status end, employment authorization for the J-2 will be automatically revoked.  In such a case, to maintain employment authorization, the department would need to sponsor the J-2 for an appropriate employment status or separate the individual prior to loss of employment authorization.

I-9 Requirements:
Departments required to I-9 a J-2 dependent will need to see the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card with a valid date range.  A receipt notice for an extension of an EAD does not confer employment authorization; see USCIS' Handbook for Employers, M-274, and particularly "Automatic Extensions of EADs in Certain Circumstances."  The J-2 EAD code is (c)(5).  

ISEO Registration:
We highly encourage non-UC San Diego sponsored employees to register with ISEO. Registration with ISEO is not required for J-2 employees, however this allows ISEO to send programming, immigration, and other helpful information. 

Notifying ISEO of the separation/departure of an employee in J-2 status is not required. Submitting this departure form to ISEO indicates that the international scholar is ending their appointment/job at UCSD on the completion date selected.