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IFSO Programming

is open to our international scholars, faculty, postdocs, researchers and their families etc as well as to our department affiliates and community members to attend for free. This section also includes Global Education as well as our affiliates: Friends and Oceanids; please refer to the blue drawers below. This series is included in our Calendar Overview.

IFSO Calendar Overview

EIA | English-In-Action-Conversation Program

English-in-Action (EIA) conversation program matches international students, scholars and spouses with volunteer conversation leaders to help with conversational English language skills, simultaneously helping you to acquire a better understanding of American culture and to acclimate more quickly to UC San Diego and the San Diego community.

The EIA volunteer conversation leaders are community members, faculty, staff, and students.

iCafé | Your Passport to Culture!

iCafé, International Friday Café’s virtual café, teams up with campus partners to explore the world as global citizens and frequent "virtual" flyers!

Play Travel Trivia hosted by Extension (winner gets a prize!) and enjoy our Global Playground hosted by Recreation. Receive a free apron by sharing a recipe in the Cook Club! This fun global exploration happens during lunch time on Fridays (PST).

Connect with your Triton community over culture, trivia, fitness and cuisine. Join us and bring a friend...It's free and fun of course!

Information and Schedule: 

IEW | International Education Week

International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. Initiated in 2000 by the US Department of State and the Department of Education, the week is dedicated to enhancing international awareness across UCSD campus as well as to reinforcing the importance of the exchange of students and scholars across borders.

Intramural Sports Teams | Recreation

Anyone with RIMAC membership or Intramural Pass looking for a way to exercise and interact or connect with other staff members or students at UC San Diego? Intramural sports are amateur teams on campus, made of students, scholars, staff, or community members. Games are 1 hour long, once per week, on campus. Anyone can join the teams; they are just for fun. See a listing of RIMAC intramural team sports.

Friends | Virtual Programs

Friends of the International Center is offering a number of its programs virtually, so if you are interested in any of the programs listed below, please email and indicate which program(s) you would like to join and links with passwords will be emailed to you.

Gus' Table
Zoom from 10 am to noon
First and Third Tuesdays 
Craft Circle
Zoom from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Wednesday Coffee
Zoom from 10 am to noon
Mommy, Daddy, and Me
Email for Zoom info
Friday Chat
Zoom from 10 am to noon


For Schedule Updates and Announcements, please refer to

Language Exchange

Help someone learn your language, and enjoy conversational practice in their language in exchange! Visit This is a self-run program where you review who is available and choose your partner based on your language preferences.

For additional English Language resources, please visit:


Oceanids is a UC San Diego organization and support group promoting friendship and services to the UC San Diego community. They offer many services for international scholars such as the Kitchen & Baby Equipment Exchange (please refer to temporary closure note below) as well as activities ranging from a Whale Watching trip during the Winter quarter to a Desert camping trip; to receive these announcements, please sign up here Please contact Oceanids with regards to COVID19 schedules and virtual events.

Oceanids has 20 different interest groups and the three listed below are popular amongst new postdocs or scholars at UC San Diego; the link will direct you to each group's specific webpage for details:

Hiking In and Around San Diego County
Moveable Feast I 
Wine Tasting II
Oceanids full list of interest groups


Due to concerns of cross-contamination with regard to COVID-19, we will be temporarily closing the Kitchen Exchange as a precaution to protect both our campus community and staff until further notice.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Previous Events | Archived Topics & Descriptions

These events took place prior to our updated calendar webpage:

Becoming an Effective Communicator with Your Kids' Schools and Teachers to Best Support Their International Experience

Living abroad with children and/or adolescents opens up a whole new world of opportunities to experience a new language and cultures. It also inspires us to look at our own language/s and cultures from a different perspective. School is an important part of our kids’ lives and it will continue to be when living in a different country. When interacting with our kids’ new school and teachers, sometimes, we might not understand the way things are done, and we may be hesitant to ask questions. We want to support your process and give you tools to successfully build family-school-community relationships. Let’s start by looking at ways to initiate and maintain communication with teachers and schools. We will also explore questions, possible misunderstandings and ways to resolve them. And, we will look into community resources and your family’s special role as your country’s ambassador.

Guest speaker: Maria Luiza (Malu) Dantas, PhD

Event sponsored by EIA, ISPO.

In collaboration with IFSO.

CANCELLED Date: January 26, 2021@noon

We are working on logistics for new date/time/etc. 

Please check back for updates!

Holiday Treat/Crafting - Make a Reindeer Shaped Treat

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2020 @ 4

Step 2: Purchase the following to participate in the interactive portion.

Shopping List:

  • Pretzels
  • Rolo Chocolate (or other round chocolate easy to melt)
  • Red candy/chocolate, M&Ms or skittles work great!
  • Candy eyes (or mini marshmallows, frosting, white chocolate chip, etc.)
  • A method of slightly melting chocolate (microwave, toaster oven, oven, etc.)

Step 3: Join us Virtually on 12/10/20 at 4:00pm to make our pretzel Reindeers and talk about our favorite holiday treats!

Supportings Bi/Multilingualism at Home and when Living Abroad

What does it mean and look like to be a bi/multilingual family? What are the opportunities available to support bi/multilingualism at home and when living abroad? Bi/multilingualism is a choice and you can make it! But you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Like parenting, raising a child bilingual or multilingual can be challenging but there is also help available to make the journey. We want to support your journey by looking at relevant research and creative language tools and approaches; exploring challenges and possibilities; and creating opportunities for you to meet other like-minded families. 

Guest speaker: Maria Luiza (Malu) Dantas, PhD

Event sponsored by EIA, ISPO.

In collaboration with IFSO.

Date: Dec 8, 2020 @ noon

Do you want to learn about the brewing processes and general beer styles?  Learn from a brew master's perspective and take a virtual walk around the brewery. There will also be an interactive portion with an option to purchase the beers that will be used during the pouring demonstration; should you choose to do so (this option is not mandatory) this would easily extend to a virtual beer tasting for your home enjoyment.

Virtual Beer 101

Past Event:

Step 1:  Register!

              DATE: 10/21(Wednesday) 
              TIME:   4:00 – 5:00 pm 

              Please note that due to the beer theme, this event is for participants that are 21 years of age and older. 

Step 2: Purchase/Pickup beer, not mandatory, but an option for those that want to partake in the interactive portion 

              Optional: Beers for purchase; these will be used for the pouring demonstration: 

-Weekend Hazy IPA
-Mesa Nueva Mexican Lager
-If time, Raspberry Wundersauer  

If you will be virtually participating with the pouring demonstration, please pre-order and/or pick up in advance of the event at either location; online pre-ordering is also available for convenience on Rough Draft’s webpage 

  • UCSD Pub (Mesa Nueva, East Campus, 3869 Miramar Street, La Jolla, 92037): Wednesday - Saturday 6 to 10 PM
  • Miramar Tasting Room (8830 Rehco Road, Suite D, San Diego, CA 92121): Tuesday - Friday from 12 pm to 7pm.
  • Each 16oz crowler can is $4

Step 3: Meet us virtually on 10/21/20!

IFSO Coffee/Social Hour

Join IFSO (with your cup of coffee/tea) to meet the UC San Diego Triton community!

We will be hosting a Coffee/Social Hour on Friday, June 12, 2020 from 3:30p – 4:30p!

We look forward to meeting you virtually and discussing movies/shows, food/restaurants, and much more!

IFSO Virtual Concert

IFSO would like to bring together all music enthusiasts, musicians, and singers for an interactive virtual concert!

What does this mean? You can showcase your skills whether it be instrumental, A Capella, or something else; all ideas or forms of musical expression are welcome!

This event is open for all levels and any type of music genre. This is not a competition, we are solely building community. If you love music, please join us. 

Past Event:

Date: Thursday, August 13

Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm