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What Is SEVIS?

SEVIS, the Student Exchange Visitor Information System, is the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's web-based data collection and monitoring system.

SEVIS stores the same information that the U.S. government has always collected from international visitors holding F, J, or M statuses. People in other I-94 statuses do not have SEVIS records. Sources inputting information into SEVIS include:

UC San Diego

Since all "Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor (J-1) Status" Forms, or Forms DS-2019, must be issued directly from the SEVIS database, the UC San Diego International Faculty & Scholar Office will be inputting required data into SEVIS that is needed to create or update your Form DS-2019.

U.S. federal regulations require that a "SEVIS fee" of $220 U.S. be paid prior to applying for the J-1 visa stamp at a U.S. consulate abroad or, for those foreign nationals not required to obtain visa stamps to enter the U.S., prior to applying for admission to the U.S. at a port of entry/preflight inspection center.

Upon paying this fee online, a receipt will be automatically generated that should be printed out and taken to your visa application appointment or inspection at a port of entry/preflight inspection center.

For more information on this process and to pay the fee online, see:

U.S. Consulates Abroad

When you apply for a J visa stamp at a consulate abroad, you must ensure that you have printed all pages of your Form DS-2019. When the consulate issues the J-1 visa stamp, it will record this visa information directly in SEVIS.

U.S. Ports of Entry/Exit

Upon entering the U.S., you are issued an I-94 card, and the information on that card is recorded in SEVIS. When you leave the U.S. and surrender your I-94 card, your departure information is entered into SEVIS.

Non-Participation and Deletion/Destruction of Forms DS-2019

Should you decide not to participate in UC San Diego's Exchange Visitor Program for any reason, you must confirm via email that you have destroyed any printed forms DS-2019 in your possession and deleted any electronic Form(s) DS-2019 that you received from our office.

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