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Travel Signature Request Form


Only Responsible Officers (ARO/RO), registered with the U.S. Department of State, are authorized to sign a DS-2019; members of the International Services and Engagement Office Scholar Services Team are AROs/ROs. If the DS-2019 was issued by another institution, then only that institution’s Responsible Officers may provide a travel signature. You can still receive advice and support, however, from the UC San Diego International Services and Engagement Office.

Important Travel Warning

Working from outside the U.S.: If you have plans to work for UCSD while outside the U.S., please consult with offices relevant to your position title (Office of Postdoctoral and Research Scholar Affairs, Academic Personnel Services, etc.) as well as the Export Control Office. There may be restrictions and policies that could affect your situation.



You can now request a travel signature directly through the iServices portal; after logging in, click on the J-1 Scholar Travel Signature request option under the J-1 Scholar Services menu option, complete the e-form, and push the submit button.


  • Following an April 2023 update from the US Department of State, ISEO is now issuing DS-2019 documents with digital signatures and distributing them via email. These can now be printed by scholars and be utilized for travel and re-entry.
  • Please allow for five business days for ISEO processing. Once the DS-2019 is ready, we will send it to you via email. 
  • Consult with your advisor about your travel plans and/or if you have any questions about traveling.