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Kitchen Exchange

NOW OPEN ON Fridays - 9:15am to 11:15am!

The Kitchen and Baby Equipment Exchange Rental Service is provided by Oceanids, a UC San Diego support organization.

International post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and faculty who are staying at UC San Diego for one year or less are eligible for this service.

Kitchen equipment and baby furniture are available for a very small rental fee depending upon the condition and number of items. A deposit is also charged which is refunded upon return of articles in reasonable condition. 

The Kitchen Exchange is located off of Library Walk, next to/behind the Career Services Center and is specifically located in Parking Lot 416 off of Mandeville Lane (look towards Career Services Center for a storage container).

For returns, please contact either Liz Fong Wills @ (858) 232-7545 or Judy Vacquier @ (858) 361-0418 and they will arrange a time to meet with you.

For emergencies, please contact Liz Fong Wills per the phone number above or via email Please provide your name, telephone number and message.  Your call will be returned promptly.

During Summer, please contact Judy Vacquier per the phone number above or via email at