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J-1 Student Intern

The J-1 Student Intern category requires submission of a written evaluation of the scholar's performance. A final evaluation is required at the end of their J-1 program at UCSD and, for programs lasting longer than 6 months, a midpoint evaluation is also required.  


MidPoint Evaluation

(intern eval 1)

Final Evaluation

(intern eval 2)

6 Months or Less No Yes
More Than 6 Months Yes Yes

Step 1: Complete Evaluation

  • Download a PDF version of the IFSO Student Intern Evaluation Form
  • Work with your supervisor to complete the form (alternatively, your supervisor may choose to write their own evaluation)
  • Make sure you and your supervisor sign the form; then date the form and attest to having reviewed the evaluation

Step 2: Update ISD and Upload Evaluation

  • On the left-side Instructions bar, click on Edit Personal Information 
  • On the Biographical Section of your record enter today's date in the Intern Eval 1 or Intern Eval 2 datafield, depending on which evaluation you are submitting. Do not forget to click Save.
    • Intern Eval 1= MidPoint Evaluation
    • Intern Eval 2= Final Evaluation
  • Click on the Documents tab 
    • Upload the completed IFSO Student Intern Evaluation Form
      • In the Document Name field input "Intern Eval 1 or Intern Eval 2 
      • In the Document Type drop down list select Student Intern Eval 1 or 2 
  • Do not forget to click Save to have the document uploaded

Step 3: Submit your Evaluation to IFSO

Review the tabs to make sure your information and uploaded document was saved.

Before you submit your updated record to IFSO, make sure the processing stage is Clear/Blank (upper left hand corner of record).

  • If your processing stage is not Clear/Blank, that means IFSO may already be working on this or another request for you. Please contact us at before proceeding.
  • If the Processing Stage is Clear/Blank, click on Review and Submit to Department to submit your updates to IFSO. IFSO will not be prompted to process your changes saved in ISD unless you submit by clicking on Submit button.
    • The processing stage will say Pending Department Review; however, the request will go to IFSO

The processing stage in ISD will be changed to a Clear/Blank processing stage to signify IFSO has processed your request. If we have any questions, we will contact you.