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Separations and Early Departures

If you are ending your appointment at UCSD early, your visa status must be shortened accordingly. This can be done by updating your program end date to the date your appointment is ending in your ISD record.

If you are ending your appointment at UCSD as planned, on the same end date noted on your DS-2019 or USCIS approval notice, then no action is needed. Your record will automatically close out in this case.


Step 1: Confirm that you No Longer Require UCSD Visa Sponsorship


Submitting a Separation/Early Departure will end UCSD's sponsorship of your visa status on that new end date. If you are not transferring your visa status to another institution or changing to a different status or permanent residency, you will have to depart the U.S. You should be aware of information on the J-1 grace period or H-1B grace period. If you shorten the program to a new end date that is in the future and then change plans, please make sure to notify IFSO immediately.


Please be careful when submitting a J-1 early departure request and make sure you are actually ending your J-1 status. You will have a 30-day grace period in which to depart the U.S. or change to a different visa status. A J-1 program should NOT be shortened in the following situations: 

  • You are moving to a different department at UCSD. Instead, a J-1 Amendment should be submitted.
  • You are doing a Leave of Absence and intend to return to the same J-1 program. Instead, a Leave of Absence request should be submitted.
  • You are transferring your J-1 record to a different institution. Instead, an IFSO advisor needs to coordinate that transfer and will update your J-1 program dates.
  • You are changing to H-1B status at UCSD. IFSO staff will update the J-1 program dates when working on the H-1B.



If you are an H-1B employee and ending your employment at UCSD earlier than the end date of your H-1B approval notice, your H-1B petition must be withdrawn. This can be done by updating your end date in ISD to the date your employment is ending and uploading required documents. Please be careful when submitting an H-1B early departure. An H-1B program should NOT be shortened in the following situations:

  • You are moving to a different department or appointment title at UCSD. Instead, an H-1B Amendment should be submitted.
  • You are doing a Leave of Absence and intend to remain an employee of UCSD.

Finally, if the department initiated an H-1B employee's separation from employment, the department must offer to cover the reasonable cost of return transportation to the employee's home country (this does not include dependents); see  H-1B Early Termination Memo

Step 2: Update Program End Date

  • In your ISD record, go to the Appointment tab.
  • Update the "End Date" to the date you are ending your appointment with UC San Diego 
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
If you do not recall your login information, contact You can typically find it in your email inbox by searching for or ISD.

Step 3: Upload Documentation

Go to the Documents tab and upload a document that confirms the end of your appointment. Examples can include a letter of resignation or an email with your department stating that you are leaving UCSD.

Step 4: Submit Early Departure to IFSO

Go to the left-side column and select Review and Submit to Department.

Click Submit.

The new end date will be sent to IFSO staff and your visa status will be shortened. IFSO staff will contact you and/or your department if there are any questions.

Note: Upon submission, you and your department administrator will receive an email confirming the date of completion/separation along with helpful resources about traveling and filing taxes after your departure.