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Request for J-2 DS-2019

Typically, J-2 DS-2019’s are requested with the Initial and Extension Application for the primary scholar. However, there are instances where a J-2 DS-2019 may need to be requested after the J-1 DS-2019 issuance.

If you have been previously granted access to ISD to file your initial/extension J-1 request, sign into ISD.

TIP: If you do not recall your login information, contact You can typically find it in your email inbox by searching for or ISD.

If you have never used ISD, email to be granted access to ISD to add a J-2 request. You will be given special instructions.

Step 1: Enter J-2 Information

On the left-side Instructions bar, click on Edit Personal Information.

Dependent-Specific Section

  • Select Add New. You will need to select this and complete this section for each dependent.
  • Using the passport biographic page, complete the following fields:
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender Identity
    • City of Birth
    • Country of Birth
    • Country of Citizenship
    • Country of Permanent Residence
    • Relationship
    • Email

TIP: Ignore the Campus ID field

  • You will know the dependent information saved because their information will be visible on the screen. If the dependent information is not listed, then the information was not saved properly.
  • If you have additional dependents, click Add New and repeat filling in the same fields.

Dependent-General Section

  • Do not forget to complete the information in the Dependent-General Section.

Step 2: Attach Supporting Documentation

On the left-side Instructions bar, click on Attach DocumentsFor more detailed instructions regarding how to upload documents to ISD, view our Upload/Attach Documents in ISD instructions.


Passport Biographical page(s) of dependent(s)

Upload Passport Biographical page(s) for any spouse and/or children who will need J-2 immigration status dependent upon your primary J-1 immigration status. 

Funding Documentation


Proof/documentation cannot be more than 6 months old. If funds are listed in foreign currency include a currency converter.

Review the financial documentation currently in ISD, if the documentation does not meet the amounts required below please upload new documentation to support this. Do not delete any previous documents.

We require proof of financial support in the following amounts:

  • Scholar only: $2400/month
  • Accompanying J-2 spouse: $800/month
  • Accompanying J-2 children: $400/month per child

Example: A scholar is coming to UC San Diego for a two-year program with their spouse. The minimum amount they need is:

$2,400 for Scholar x 24 months= $57,600
$800 for Spouse x 24 months= $19,200    
Total= $76,800 total minimum proof of funding required for two years with a Spouse 

If UC San Diego is not providing you with funding that meets these amounts, you must upload documentation proving you have financial support for the minimum amounts mentioned above for the entire during of your J-1 program.

Funding documentation may include: 
  • Funding organization letter indicating amount of funds and disbursement period
  • Employer letter stating your salary and that you will continue to be paid for the date range of your program at UC San Diego
  • Bank statement showing personal funds of scholar or sponsor (if sponsor, include affidavit of support for scholar from sponsor that indicates amount of funding provided for the date range of your program).
  • Evidence must show currently existing liquid funds
    • Not acceptable: stocks, bonds, mutual funds

Step 3: Create Shipping Label

IFSO will need a shipping label in order to provide you with the DS-2019 for your dependent(s). To create a shipping label, use the following instructions:

Step 4: Submit Dependent(s) DS-2019 Request to IFSO

Review Information

Review the tabs you updated to make sure the information was saved.

Submit to IFSO

Before you submit the J-2 DS-2019 request to IFSO, make sure the processing stage is Clear/Blank.

  • If your processing stage is not Clear/Blank, that means IFSO may already be working on this or another request for you. Please contact us at before proceeding.
  • If the Processing Stage is Clear/Blank, click on Review and Submit to Department to submit your J-2 DS-2019 request(s) to IFSO. IFSO will not be prompted to process your changes saved in ISD unless you submit by clicking on Review and Submit to Department.
    • Processing stage will be updated to Pending Department Review however the request will be with IFSO.

Please allow 10 business days for IFSO processing. Once the DS-2019 for your dependent is issued, it will be shipped out using the label that was created. You will receive an email from IFSO confirming that the DS-2019 has been mailed out and the processing stage in ISD will be changed to a Clear/Blank processing stage.