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International Scholar Dossier (ISD)

Welcome to the University of California, San Diego! Your sponsoring department has requested that we, the International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO), work with you to issue you the appropriate immigration paperwork for your appointment at UC San Diego. We will need specific information and documentation from you in order to issue you the DS-2019 for J-1 status, or to file your employment-based petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and we will use this web-based application, "ISD" (International Scholar Dossier), to collect this information from you and your sponsoring department. The information will be used by the International Faculty & Scholars Office to complete documents submitted to government agencies such as the Department of State (DOS) and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Incorrect information could affect the application and could result in additional fees to correct the information.



Your rights regarding your personal data:
  • Access: You have the right to access the personal data we may hold about you and the purposes for which we are using it. We may ask for proof of your identity. Upon receipt of such a request we will attempt to respond to you as soon as possible, at most within one calendar month.
  • Rectification: You have the right to request that we amend any personal data which is incorrect or requires updating.
  • Erasure: You have the right to request that we delete any personal information pertaining to you. We will assess any deletion request on a case by case basis and will endeavor to respond to you as soon as possible, at most within one calendar month. Note however that certain U.S. laws may require that we retain certain information.

If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact

Navigating ISD

Landing Page:


Biographical Section:


Address Section:


Appointment Section:

scholar appointment page

Position in Home Country Section:


Passport and Visa Section:


Education Section:


Dependent Specific Section:


Dependent General Section:


Documents Tab:


ISD Tips

  • The system times out after inactivity. Please make sure to save often to avoid losing any information.
  • If you have questions about what to input in a data field, place your cursor over the question-mark icon for clarifying information; you do not need to click on the question-mark icon. Use these for instructions regarding what information is necessary for that specific field.
  • Red dots indicate that the field is required.
    • Please note that not all fields can be given a red dot, to make required, even if IFSO needs it for processing. For example, the Dependent Sections are required if you have dependents, but as not all Scholar’s have dependents, the questions cannot be made required with a red dot.
  • Save when going from one section to the next, especially through the horizontal navigation bar sections. The system does not auto-save or prompt you to save before leaving a section.
  • Changes/Information saved will not be submitted to IFSO or Department unless you submit the changes via the Review and Submit to department option. Your department would then be prompted to review the changes/information; once they approve the changes/information they will submit the case to IFSO.

How to Login to ISD

Your inviting department will have created an ISD login for you and generated an automatic email (with subject line: “You have been invited to…”) to you with your login/password information and URL for ISD.  Follow the instructions in this automated email.

Need initial access to ISD? have questions about the process? – Please contact your Department Contact

Need password reset? Forgot your login/password information? Having technical difficulties with ISD? – Please contact IFSO at

Managing ISD account

After being granted access to ISD by your Department Contact, you can edit your password and security question.

  • Log into
  • On click on My Account located on the top right corner of the page 
  • Edit the security question and response
  • Add your current password in the Old Password section,
  • Add your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password sections

IFSO cannot see your security question, response, or passwords. However, we can reset your account login information, if you are locked.  

Need password reset? Forgot your login/password information? Having technical difficulties with ISD? – Please contact IFSO at


Processing Stage in ISD

The processing stage listed in ISD can be used to give you a general idea of the status of your request. The processing stage can be found in the Edit Personal Information page.

  • Invited
    • You have been invited to sign into ISD, you received your ISD login information via email.
  • Pending Scholar Data Entry
    • You need to update/add information to ISD
  • Pending Department Review
    • You completed your sections in ISD, and submitted to Department via ISD by clicking on the "Review and Submit to Department" option of ISD. The Department Admin now needs to complete their sections and submit the request to IFSO.
  • Submitted to International Office
    • IFSO is processing the request
  • Clear/Blank Processing stage
    • IFSO has completed your request. There is no active request currently being worked on by IFSO.
      • Issued DS-2019 or processed an amendment
      • H-1B initial/extension/amendment sent to USCIS
    • We will give you edit access again

Upload/Attach Documents in ISD

You can click on the Documents tab or on the left-side Instructions bar, click on Attach Documents.

  • Document Path: Click on Choose File option to find a file on your computer that you would like uploaded as evidence to ISD.
    • Upload supporting documentation in PDF format when possible
      • One way to convert a document to PDF: once you have the document open, go to File and Print, from the printer options instead of selcting your printer there should be an option that says Save as PDF. Once in PDF format you can upload the document to ISD.
  • Is Active option: Do not edit.
  • Document Name: Include a description of the document you are uploading. If multiple items, you could name Complete Supporting Documentation File.
    • Do not use any special characters such as /, ?, #
  • Document Type: Select the most appropriate document type from the list of options.
    • If no category seems appropriate, leave blank
  • Add Document Type: Do not click on this option.

Do not delete any previous documents. You will know the items have been successfully uploaded because they will be visible on the List of Documents. If an item you uploaded is not listed on the List of Documents, please upload again.

Tip: If the document you are trying to upload is too large:
  • Max individual file size is 4 MB (4,000 KB)
  • Reduce file size using adobe reduce file - optimize PDF option.
  • You can try to print to PDF. Even if it 's already a PDF, this will typically reduce the quality and help make the file size smaller.


Recharge Fees

DS-2019 (J Status): If your sponsoring department has requested that you pay the service fee for this request, you will have received an automated email (with subject line: “Payment Request for [SCHOLAR NAME]” you will need to pay this fee with a credit card before we will issue you the form DS-2019 for your J-1 visa stamp. Make sure you arrange with your bank to allow for foreign payment transactions on the credit card before attempting to pay.

Note: institutional policy requires that departments pay the service fee for all persons appointed in Postdoctoral appointments.

H-1B/E-3: ALL fees MUST be paid by the sponsoring department. Fees are not rechargeable to the international scholar and scholars cannot reimburse the department for these fees.

If you have questions about the payment process, contact or visit IFSO’s Recharge Webpage.


Why can't I log in? I know I am using the correct username and Password.

  1. Verify you are on the correct link 
  2. Clear your browser history, this seems to help specially with chrome and if you had a previous ISD password.
  3. Contact to have IFSO review your permissions or reset your access. 

I saved changes/information to ISD, why aren't these changes reflected on my DS-2019 or I-129?

  • Changes/Information saved will not be submitted to IFSO or Department unless you submit the changes via the Review and Submit to Department option. 

My DS-2019 has already been issued, however I need to request a J-2 DS-2019 for my dependent(s).

  • To request J-2 DS-2019's after the J-1 DS-2019 has been issued, you must:
    • Sign into ISD
      • If you have never used ISD or do not recall your login information contact
    • Enter dependent(s) info in ISD and upload dependent documentation (passport, funding)
    • Create shipping label to be used by IFSO to ship J-2 DS-2019
    • Submit your request by selecting Review and Submit to Department
    • IFSO will process the request and contact you once the J-2 DS-2019 has been issued.