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Amendments Submitted in ISD

J-1 Scholars 

UC San Diego is required to update a J-1 scholar's immigration record and issue a new DS-2019 if there are any changes to a J-1 scholar's program. If any of these items change, your UCSD department should submit an amendment request to IFSO through International Scholar Dossier (ISD).

  • Job Title
  • Funding
  • Department
  • Site of Activity (where you are working)
  • Significant Changes in Job Duties

All changes in site of activity, funding amounts or sources, and/or significant changes in job duties, must be reported to the International Faculty & Scholars Office. Your department administrator will need to submit an amendment request via ISD on your behalf, so please speak to your departmental contact first.


H-1B Employees 

Changes in an H-1B Employee's job, including position title, work location, or significant changes in job duties and salary, will require an H-1B amendment petition be sent to USCIS before the change takes place. For example, a Postdoctoral Scholar Employee that begins teaching will require an H-1B amendment petition be submitted to USCIS before the teaching can take place as this is a significant change in job duties.

In this situation, department administrators and H-1B employees should submit an H-1B amendment request to IFSO via ISD.