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Address and Contact Information Updates

All international faculty and scholars must notify IFSO of address changes within 10 days of the information changing, per immigration regulations. In between requests (Initial/Extension/Amendments/Change of Status) you may need to update address or contact information with IFSO. You can notify IFSO of any address or contact information changes via ISD.

If you have been previously granted access to ISD to file your J-1 or H-1B request, sign into ISD.

TIP: If you do not recall your login information, contact You can typically find it in your email inbox by searching for or ISD.


All international faculty and scholars must notify IFSO of address changes within 10 days of the information changing, per immigration regulations

Step 1: Notify IFSO of your change in address or contact information by completing the update in ISD

Step 2: 

J-1 ScholarsYou have met your regulatory requirement by submitting the update via. IFSO will update your J-1 SEVIS record. 

H-1B Faculty/Scholars In addition to you notifying IFSO, you are required by law to  notify USCIS of any change in residential address changes within 10 days via  Form AR-11 . 

If you have not done so already, ensure your contact information is updated on the UC San Diego systems (e.g. UC Path)

Note: J-1 and F-1 students who are enrolled full-time in classes at UC San Diego should  NOT be using ISD and should refer instead to the separate ISPO change of address instructions.

Step 1: Edit Address and Contact Information

Address Section

Click on the Edit button associated with your Local address and enter your local residential address, telephone number, and UCSD email.

TIP: Do not use the Mailing Address Type and do not click on New Address. 

Passport and Visa Information Section

If you have a new passport or I-94 information, you can update the Passport and Visa section.

Step 2: Attach Supporting Documentation

On the left-side Instructions bar, click on Attach DocumentsFor more detailed instructions regarding how to upload documents to ISD, view our Upload/Attach Documents in ISD instructions.


There typically won’t be documentation you need to attach for address and contact information updates. If you have a new passport, you can upload the new passport.

Step 3: Submit Your Address or Contact Information Update to IFSO

Review Information

Review the tabs you updated to make sure the information was saved.

Submit to IFSO

Before you submit your updated address or contact information to IFSO, make sure the processing stage is Clear/Blank.

  • If your processing stage is not Clear/Blank, that means IFSO may already be working on this or another request for you. Please contact us at before proceeding.
  • If the Processing Stage is Clear/Blank, click on Review and Submit to Department to submit your updates to IFSO. IFSO will not be prompted to process your changes saved in ISD unless you submit by clicking on Review and Submit to Department.
    • The processing stage will say Pending Department Review however, the request will go to IFSO. You do not need to contact your department, IFSO will udpate your address.

The processing stage in ISD will be changed to a Clear/Blank processing stage to signify IFSO has processed your request. If we have any questions, we will contact you.