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J-1 Student Intern Requests

All visiting undergraduate students that will be returning to their home country’s undergraduate program after UC San Diego must come using the J-1 Student Intern visa category.

This Student Intern category requires supplemental documentation when submitting a request to IFSO. During the ISD submission process for a J-1 Student Intern, the department will be required to complete fields in ISD for a "DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan". This information will be submitted to IFSO, who will then issue an official Form DS-7002 T/IPP along with the DS-2019. 

If the scholar will be coming in the J-1 Student Intern category, make sure to complete the section titled T/IPP Information. This can be found under Other section.

TIP: Please note that the T/IPP Information section will not appear if the J Visitor category is not listed as Student Intern in the Appointment Section.


The information below is the supplemental documentation/information that is required for a student intern request. Please make sure to follow the J-1 initial request instructions.

Completing T/IPP Information Section

  • Complete the fields under DS-7002 Participant Information. Then click Save.
    • Email Address
    • Field of Study
    • Years of Experience
    • Type of Degree
    • Date Awarded/Expected
  •  After saving, select Add New T/IPP Site.
    • You won’t be able to do this until you click save.
  • Site of Activity Section: enter where the J-1 Student Intern will be working.
    • You can use the Prefill SOA option or enter manually if not on the list.
  • Organization Information section: follow the prompts to fill in these fields.
    • Employer ID Number: 956006144
    • No of FT employees: 28000
    • Annual Revenue: $0 - $3 million
    • Web URL: 
    • Worker's Comp Policy: 
    • If Yes, name carrier: Self Funded
    • EV Hours per Week:
    • Stipend:
    • Amount: 
  • Supervisor Information
    • Add information about the supervisor.
  • Leave the EV Signature Date field blank and hit save.

The form will go back to the previous screen. From here, select “Add Phase” in the bottom right.

  • Basic Information
    • Phase NameAdd the name of the training phase (ex. Lab Research, Shadowing, etc.)
    • The entire duration of the program should be covered by a phase. If there is just one phase, it should be for the same dates as the program.
    • Start date: The start date of the phase
    • End date: The end date of the phase
    • Training/Internship Field: Indicate the field of this phase (ex. Biology)
  • Enter the phase supervisor’s information
    • leave the signature date blank.
  • Complete the following fields regarding the J-1 Student Intern. Please give thorough responses in order to avoid problems when applying for the J-1 visa:
    • EV Role: Description of Trainee/Intern's role for this program or phase
    • Goals and Objectives: Specific goals and objectives for this program or phase
    • Supervisors and qualifications: Please list the names and titles of those who will provide continuous (for example, daily) supervision of the Trainee/Intern, including the primary supervisor. What are these persons' qualifications to teach the planned learning? If UCSD Department supervisor will not provide daily supervision, please include who will provide daily supervision.
    • Cultural Activities: What plans are in place for the Trainee/Intern to participate in cultural activities while in the United States? Please include any department or university activities. You may also include activities from IFSO/Global Education:
    • Skills or Techniques that will be learned: What specific knowledge, skills, or techniques will be learned? 
    • Teaching Method: How specifically will these knowledge, skills, or techniques be taught? Include specific tasks and activities (Interns) and/ or methodology of training and chronology/syllabus (Trainees).
    • How will the trainee/intern's acquisition of new skills and competencies be measured?
    • Additional remarks

Don't forget to save.

Request Form

DS-7002 T/IPP

This official Form DS-7002 T/IPP must be signed by the scholar's supervisor as noted on the form before it is mailed to the scholar abroad, who must also sign it. This signed form will be required by the US Consulate, along with the DS-2019, to issue the J-1 visa.

Note: During COVID-19 social distancing, if it is not possible for the supervisor to sign the DS-7002 T/IPP, it is recommended that the supervisor write a statement that they approve of the information on the DS-7002 T/IPP and send it to the scholar electronically. The scholar could then have this when applying for the J-1 visa since the DS-7002 will be missing the supervisor signature.


Student Intern Evaluation

The J-1 Student Intern category also requires the submission of a written evaluation of the scholar's performance.

  • If the program is less than 6 months, we will require only one final evaluation
    • The evaluation should be submitted towards the end of the program.
  • If the program is longer than 6 months, we will require two evaluations
    • At both the midway and final points.

This evaluation should be submitted via ISD by the scholar. Our template may be used or the supervisor and scholar can create their own evaluation.