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About the International Faculty & Scholars Office

The International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO) provides a wide array of services to academic departments and the over 2,500 international professors, researchers, and visiting scholars coming to UC San Diego.

Services and programs include:
  • One-on-one advising for scholars on various status maintenance issues such as employment, international travel, dependents, extension of stay, as well as referrals for UC San Diego or community resources
  • Advising for departments on appropriate non-immigrant statuses for prospective international hires and visitors
  • Orientation programs for all incoming international scholars
  • Educational, cultural, and social programming for scholars and their family members to help adjust to living in the U.S.

Vision Statement

We envision an inclusive, interconnected campus community where international visitors, relieved of immigration, social, and cultural barriers, contribute to a global university.

Mission Statement

We serve as a resource hub for comprehensive immigration and cross-cultural advising for sponsoring departments, international scholars and their families, facilitating successful intercultural exchange and globalization of the University.


Core Values

  • We commit to the integrity of our work and our accountability
  • We foster a flexible environment to adapt to the needs of others
  • We encourage teamwork and collaborate internally and across campus
  • We value depth and breadth of knowledge and effective, transparent communication
  • We embody a fun and positive workplace