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Christoforos Mamas

Spring 2019


Q:  A summary of your research
A:  My research focuses on understanding and transforming special and inclusive education. I am interested in exploring students’ social networks, therefore how students connect to each other in terms of friendships or other types of relationships. One of the main aspects of my work is to identify students who are at higher risk of social isolation and exclusion and work with practitioners to reduce that risk and enhance the inclusivity of learning environments.

Overall, my research is concerned with how schools can become more socially and emotionally responsive spaces in which all students, and particularly those who are traditionally marginalized and underserved, feel welcomed, happy and secure to achieve and succeed. To accomplish this, I actively partner up and work with practitioners, school leaders and administrators. I also conduct a lot of research internationally and have a lot of active partnerships with universities and colleagues in many countries.

Q:  A couple of sentences describing why you chose UC San Diego
A:  I chose UC San Diego primarily because it is a high-quality public research institution. I moved to UC San Diego in September 2015 to work and conduct research with an accomplished and internationally renowned professor - Dr. Alan J. Daly, who was back then the Chair of the Education Studies Department. Of course, the climate of San Diego was also a factor why I immediately fell in love with the city!    

Q:   An anecdote in transitioning to life in San Diego; a few descriptive sentences
A:   Moving here from Europe was a big step. I had only visited the US once before arriving to San Diego. I was immediately taken aback by the wonderful weather of San Diego, the so many palm trees everywhere, the size (large) of everything, and the welcoming and positive spirit of people! Living and working in a city where most people dream of visiting for vacation is something special about San Diego in my opinion!

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