Changing Your Address

Illustration of mail, addressesAs a non-immigrant international in the United States, three types of addresses are important:

U.S. mailing address

This is not a legally required address, but mail is important! Most people receive mail at the same address where they live. If your mailing address and residential address are different, be sure to keep both addresses up-to-date with IFSO.

Permanent address

"Permanent address" refers to your address in your home country. Except for those in H, L, or PR status, internationals are required to maintain a permanent address outside the United States. Legal residency in home countries cannot be relinquished. Those in H, L, or PR status, are still advised to keep their home country permanent address current with IFSO.

U.S. residential address

All internationals are required to report any change in U.S. residential address within 10 days.

Upon registering at IFSO, you were asked to provide a current residential address. If you are sponsored on UC San Diego's J-1 program, IFSO will input this address directly into SEVIS.

To report a new U.S. residential address:

  1. Notify IFSO within 10 days by completing the online Change of Address Form. If you are in J-1 status and UC San Diego issued the DS-2019, IFSO will input the new address directly into SEVIS.
  2. For non-UC San Diego J-1 exchange visitors, contact your sponsoring institution (ARO who issued the DS-2019) to update your address.
  3. For all other statuses (H-1B, TN, E-3, etc) file the form AR-11 with the federal government within 10 days of your address changing; see:

If you are subject to special registration (see page 15), be sure to complete a similar Form AR-11 SR

Although it is not required to report changes of telephone numbers and email addresses to the federal government, this information is part of the change of U.S. residential address.

Email is critical for timely communication from IFSO. We require that you keep your telephone number and email updated so we can contact you immediately if needed.

Other Agencies to Contact

It s essential that you update your address with all of the necessary agencies to continue recieving mail in your new location. By updating your address with the U.S. Postal Service, you can also request they forward mail that is sent to your old address. We recommend you also update your address with the following:

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