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J-1 Initial Application Instructions

Required Documents

Required Documents

  • Online Recharge
  • Form A 
    • Completed by department
  • Form B
    • Completed by scholar
  • Form C 
    • Completed by scholar
  • Form D 
    • Completed by department
    • Required for any exchange visitor with an MD
  • Proof of Financial Funding
    • Translated to English
    • Amount in or coverted to U.S. dollar (try the XE Currency Site for an online converter)
    • Examples:
      • Scholarship letter on organization's letter head
      • Recent bank statement showing currently existing liquid funds
        • If funds are from a family member or other individual, our office will require an additional signed statement from that individual that they will be supporting the J-1 is required.
      • Not acceptable: stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Passport (copy of biographical page)
  • Appointment Form (approved not pending)
    • Visiting Graduate Student Appointment (Graduate Division in VGSAS)
    • Visiting Scholar or Postdoctoral Appointment (Office of Postdoctoral & Visiting Scholars Affairs in RSAS)
    • Other Academic Appointments (Offer letter or appointment letter from Dean's Office)
    • Other Salaried Appointments and Non-Salaried Appointments

Form A

Request Type


  • DS-2019 requests can be expedited from the normal 10 business day processing timeline to a 5 business day processing timeline with an additional fee. 


  • For initial request for scholars currently abroad to begin new J-1 program.

Transfer IN

  • For scholars currently in the U.S. in J-1 status at another institution wishing to transfer to UC San Diego.

Change of Status

  • For scholars currently in the U.S. in another status (i.e. F-1,etc.) wishing to change to J-1 status.

Section 2: Program Information

2. Appointment Date

  • For non-salaried positions, end date should match duration of funding available.
  • For salaried, UC San Diego appointments, you may use a projected end date if the appointment is likely to be renewed annually.
  • Do not include any dates for personal use, including travel. (J scholars are allowed to stay in the U.S. up to 30 days after the end date for personal reasons.)

3. Extension

  • Indicate if there is a possibility of extending the scholar's appointment beyond the current requested date.

4. J-1 Category

  • Research Scholar: Up to 5 years duration.
  • Professor: Up to 5 years for teaching positions only.
  • Short-Term Scholar: Up to 6 months duration. Scholars with stay less than 6 months will be given the Short-Term category unless otherwise noted or requested by the department. The 24-Month Bar will apply to the Research Scholar and Professor categories. Please contact IFSO for assistance.

5. Describe Area or Field of Research

  • Indicate the field of research or teaching subject related to their activity at UC San Diego.
  • Keep it general and short; e.g., Biology, Computer Science, Information Technology, etc.
  • This may be different than the field of their degree or the department name.

6. Activity

  • Specify whether the scholar will engage in research or teaching duties in this amended appointment period.
  • Select all that apply.

7. Tenure

  • Indicate if the current appointment is changing to a permanent tenure-track position. If so, the J-1 is not appropriate; please contact IFSO for assistance.

8. Payroll or Non-Paid Position Title

  • Do not leave blank, otherwise form will be returned to the department. Contact your department's Academic Personnel or HR offices for assistance.

For Affiliates: Indicate the title according to your organization, such as VMRF, Ludwig, etc.

All appointments or positions must be approved by the appropriate units (Graduate Division, OPVSA, Dean's Office or HR) prior to submitting the DS-2019 Initial Request to IFSO. A copy of the approved appointment letter or enrollment form is required.

9. UCSD Title Code

  • Enter the appropriate position title code corresponding to the title selected on #5. Affiliates do not need to enter title code. Leave blank if position does not have a title code (usually non-academic titles without salary).

10. Percent Effort

  • If appointment is full-time effort, indicate 100%; otherwise, indicate the % effort expected. Only required for paid titles.

11. Benefits Eligibility

  • Indicate if the scholar is eligible for UC San Diego health insurance as part of employee benefits.

12. Site of Activity

  • If the physical work location is not on UC San Diego Main Campus, please specify the name and address. Include all additional on- or off-campus locations, even if the sites are affiliated with UC San Diego.

Section 3: Financial Support Information

The funding support document must indicate a specific dollar (or other currency) amount; the minimum monthly financial support required for J-1 non-immigrants is as follows:

Single:  $2,400
Accompanying J-2 spouse: $800/month additional
Accompanying J-2 child: $400/month additional per child

*Exception: Postdoctoral appointment letter is sufficient proof to meet these requirements for title codes 3252, 3253, and 3254. No additional funding is required.

Proof of funding is required and a full month's funding must be accounted, even if the scholar's stay is less than one full month.

All documentation must be translated to English and the amount must be converted to U.S. dollars (try the XE Currency Site for an online converter).

  • UC San Diego-Salary
    • This includes salary paid from federal grants disbursed through UC San Diego payroll system.
  • UC San Diego-Other
    • Indicate non-salary support from UC San Diego i.e. per diem, reimbursements, etc.
  • Personal Funds
    • Attach a recent bank statement in English and converted to U.S. dollars.
  • Other
    • For example, home country's employer, institute, university, private foundation, including grants not paid directly to scholar. Please specify the name and attach proof of funding.

Section 4: Certification of English Language Proficiency

Check the appropriate box identifying how the department is certifying English proficiency.

Attach documentation as needed:

  • Test score with Exchange Visitor's (EV) name (minimums)
    • IELTS
      • 6 (overall band score)
    • TOEFL
      • 500 (paper based)
      • 173 (computer based)
      • 61 (internet based IBT)
    • PETS
      • 5
    • NOT accepted: TOEIC and TOEFL ITP
  • Institutional statement with EV's name
    • Verifies that Exchange Visitor possesses English language proficiency high enough to function daily within the UCSD position and within the local U.S. community
    • Issued on letterhead in English within the past 6-months
    • Includes signature from school official
  • Diploma with EV's name
    • For graduates of schools that teach in the English language (e.g., schools in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)
  • Sponsor Interview Certification
    • If supervisor has had numerous discussions in English over a certain time period, please indicate in the box to the left of the interview details "numerous discussions in English over the past x months (years)" or similar, appropriate phrase demonstrating that an evaluation of English skills was able to be made.

Form C

Form C Guidelines

Form C must be signed by the prospective scholar.

The completed Form C should be sent directly to the sponsoring department. IFSO will not forward the form to the department.

This form certifies that the scholar understands the insurance requirements.
  • Indicate what type of insurance coverage the scholar will have during their stay in the U.S.

Form D

Form D Guidelines

Form D: Attachment to J-1 Application for Alien Physicians (if applicable)

  • To be completed by the department
1. Supervisor and department chair must sign Section I or II
2. Then, re-route the form to the School of Medicine Dean's Office for approval.
3. Once approved, forward to IFSO along with the completed application package.
  • Must be completed if the scholar holds a foreign medical degree
  • Defines whether the J-1 scholar's program will involve incidental patient contact
  • If Section II is selected on Form D, the department must include the Five-Point Statement.