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About the International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO)

The International Faculty & Scholars Office (IFSO) provides a wide array of services to academic departments and the over 2,500 international professors, researchers, and visiting scholars coming to UC San Diego.

IFSO, one of four offices in Global Education, is dedicated to providing comprehensive advising services, programs, informational resources, and volunteer opportunities that support international scholars and their families in achieving their academic, professional, and personal goals, as well as serving the University’s academic department and research units in pursuit of their mission.

Services and programs include:

  • One-on-one advising for scholars on various status maintenance issues such as employment, international travel, dependents, extension of stay, as well as advising on topics such as driver license and Social Security Number applications
  • Advising for departments on appropriate non-immigrant statuses for prospective international hires and visitors
  • Orientation program for all incoming international scholars
  • Additional programming, including international cafe, intramural sports, and International Education Week